Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I got cursed!

Poor me, I have given this opportunity just recently that was almost worth $9 but when curse hit me, $9's also gone by the wind.
This was the scenario, I checked my email and found out I have a task, so I took time to write this 200 words post to meet the deadline. So, while I was trying to submit the post and its link, it just didn't go through for some reason. There was an error occurred that hindered me to post it, so I went back and re-arranged everything I thought was wrong. There wasn't any, actually! So, i went back to submit it again and then again for another time, it just didn't work. I was pissed and frustrated. Task will most likely be up in a day so there's no way I have to wait for another day. Same thing I did. I went back to fix those errors that are really NOT errors. Holy Moly, What in the hell is wrong with that???? I spent time and effort just to submit the post on time and then for some reason it couldn't work perfectly.
I got cursed! But I digress!. Too much! Anyway, how y’all folks doing?? If ever you encountered the same way, please let me know and let's share this agony!..

Till next time buddies!

Get Skype! Get connected!

If I have to live back in ancient time, I would have missed this modern technology. As far as convenience is concern, technology has saved me from a lot of circumstances. Lately, I am fond in using Skype as my means to communicate to any of my relatives and friends across the globe.

With Skype, I could be able to video/voice call them anytime I want without thinking of the charges I might incurred. It's really the faster way to get connected. Well, if given a chance to experience living in my grandparent’s time that would be awesome! But, I'm sure I would always want to go back in this modern time when everything else is beyond reach!

So Have you all  downloaded Skype?. You should be!.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buying First Home Benefits

Good News everyone!
Who among you are still not done in filing taxes yet? I have relatives and friends who live in the States and they have been very busy lately for filing their taxes.I was just talking to a friend of mine who's really excited in claiming her tax credit since she just gave birth on her first child plus they bought a house years ago.She told me she is expecting for more credits this time compared from the amount of money she got last year.Well, the good news for her and for all of you who are just first time homebuyers or those who have not owned in the last three years can received as much as $8000 tax credit. This is really fantastic deal for buying first home. At this point where everyone is having a hard time dealing with economy, prices all go up, it's a good thing to receive good amount of money out of credit. It is really something to look forward to. I am sure my relatives and friends are so excited for this as this money can go along way in paying their debts off. A lot of people can totally benefit from this so as long as you meet the entire requirements which was fully discussed in this article.

Due to the number of scenarios in which first time home owners find themselves, it is important to research and fully understand this tax credit in order to receive the maximum benefit.