Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bowling as a SPORT for everyone!

When we think about SPORTS, Basketball is one thing we wouldn't missed to utter...
Baseball, Football and Billiards just to name a few...but how about BOWLING..
Well, to tell you, Bowling is one from the many to be considered a recreational activity but currently, it is now considered as a professional sport in which there are growing numbers of followers already. It has now grown in countries like USA, Germany,UK.European countries, and even in the Philippines..
It was last summer when I have had the privileged to try playing bowling along with my friends in Tagaytay. It was perfectly fun and I've realized I have potentials in being a professional bowler..(lol)..
So, if you're looking for something to try on... I'm betting you to consider playing Bowling too:)

I'm ready for my first strike:)

cza :)


Last Summer, I was able to see the beauty of SINGAPORE.. it was before I graduated from college which I'd like to mention my graduation gift from my mum and sis. That was indeed worth of my years in you're heading to Singapore, you can't just go away without visiting Sentosa, and I'm telling you the place is stunning. If you're really looking for some fun and adventure, then Sentosa is something to consider although I must say prices are a little bit higher but so worth it..We had fun watching fireworks show, it was Song of the Sea at the time, and we've paid S$8.00 for each. it was just a 30 minutes or less show but it was absolutely AMAZING.. I still wonder up to now how they were able to have a speaking, dancing and even a crying characters that were just a fireworks, it was pretty hard to describe and unfortunately taking pictures was strictly not allowed. I don't know how they were able to do it but damn, it was GREAT!. and at this moment while reminiscing, I felt bad mom was not able to see it but I'd like to bring her maybe in a year or two.. So, moving on, We've also tried riding in their famous cable cars in which we were pretty amazed on the sceneries. But It felt so fast not to noticed that we were about to alight. I just can't remember how much we've paid for a two way ride..And of course who would miss to visit the famous MERLION... We were told that it it was under construction at the time but we still wanted to make sure if we could just somehow take a pictures, and fortunately.. We’ve had!!:) Can’t share a lot of pics right now since I haven’t stored much in my office computer...To sum this up, traveling across the world would mean spending money but saving a lot of happy memories :)

Have FUN and Go Travel! :)

cza :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trick or Treat in TR

Trick or Treat in TR
I've mentioned earlier in my previous post that Halloween is up in four days.. With all the parents all over the world preparing for their kids tricky costume, here at work... Halloween seems to be visible in every corner of 17th floor where we are at... We are now starting to put decorations all over the place for the Trick or Treat party on Thursday in which employees are encouraged to bring their kids which I literally don't have...instead we could bring our little nephews and nieces or maybe our neighbor’s kids which probably I won't do..
How I wish I could just bring in my 3 wonderful dogs with me instead of kids and let them experience Trick or Treat... sounds cool??.. lol...

And today it made me remember my sister who had joined the costume contest for Trick or treat last year here at work, though I have to mention that I'm now working with her in the same company right after I graduated last summer..

employees freaky workstations

Thought of sharing her crazy pic....

Have you seen a witch with slippers on?!

cza :)


HALLOWEEN is up in four days!

It's 27th of October, and four more days to go. Halloween is up next.
According to Mr. Wiki, it is an annual holiday for everyone celebrated on October 31 and a customary celebration for children with the so called "Trick or Treat".
I wonder what the children’s of the world are up to on that day. I'm sure there are a lot of kids around with their costumes on like witches,pumpkin,pirate,ghost or for some are Disney characters and asking for some treats like candies and chocolates..
I wonder, would kids asked for money rather than candies???..probably yes...Kids nowadays are keen and wise:) But seriously, oh yes...Kids would love sweets of course.
So, get up and be prepared as you'll never know when these playful kids will knock on your door and surprised you with their tricks!


Monday, October 26, 2009

one tree hill without PEYTON SAWYER

Goodevening everyone!!

I had fun watching one tree hill season 7 while working at the same time...(just doing this when I really don’t have a lot of task to accomplish for the day). But sometimes I ended up watching than kidding, thought of my office mates might read this..). I felt bad for not seeing Hilarie Burton as Peyton Sawyer and Chad Michael Murray as Lucas Scott on screen as they did not renew their contract.But Hilarie had mentioned in her VLOGs found in their company website some reasons why she's not coming back..oh yes they call it VLOGs..One Tree Hill is really my all time favorite series that I used to watch together with my sis though I still watch it until now for numerous time that I cant' count... There was never a time when i found myself so hooked up in any TV series or shows until I've learned about OTH.. But I feel so devastated knowing my favorite characters were not there anymore.. although I must admit OTH is really worthy of my time...However,I still follow Hilarie Burton through her company website which is ''.. because I wanna know what she's up to and what shows she may be in at the moment...
So if you're all looking for a TV series you might want to consider One Tree Hill and get hooked up like me as this show really rocks:)

But not as good until Peyton Sawyer had stayed behind the cam..

cza :)

Friday, October 23, 2009


It was a long day for me…..
I went in GlaxoSmithKline for my first panel interview this morning. I was asked to report at 8 am and was interviewed around 10am…That was hell of a wait.
So while I was on the queue, I kept on looking around in the lobby, staring all the posters and drug samples displayed in a glass window. After a few more minutes,
my name was called. I was asked to go to room that is next with the training room.
I went in and shook my hand with the panel interviewee. They asked me a lot of intelligent questions that seemed to be very hard and yet very relevant in the field of being a Medical Representative. But i was wondering if personal love life is relevant? Surprisingly, they did ask. After 40 minutes of being interviewed, I was asked to wait for the result and thank God I’ve passed the interview… But the bad news was, my next panel interview would be in the afternoon and I still have to go to work by that time. So I made plans to go at work and just consumed my break for my next interview and it did go through. The second one was quite relaxed compared to the first interview I had earlier but then they told me to just wait for another call if ever I made it to the final interview. That was really a long day…
And now, I’m wondering, is Med Rep is really my thing? I mean, I’ve gone a lot just to make it in the Pharmaceutical world, But is this really what I want to do?
I’m actually dealing with this dilemma for a few months now. And to tell you honestly, it’s really making me sick and on having confusion on what field I would really want to pursue. I was once dreaming to be a flight attendant, I did try but I guess I can’t fit in because of their so called height requirement which unfortunately I didn’t have much, but I have had an opportunity to work as a ground attendant which I didn’t mind to pursue. There were nights of regrets but that was just one.
Next, I was fascinated to work in Casino. But, I suddenly, realized that it would just mean of spending the whole time with gamblers and gambling. Then a teacher, a concierge, quality analyst in call center, a recruitment specialist… these were just some…. and I know I just need to have only one or two, either way, none of these is my current job which is a research analyst in one of the multinational companies in the world…company is good, pay is decent, perks and benefits are excellent but It’s really not my thing. I was enjoying it in the beginning but days went by and I was starting to feel like coming to work just to get paid for the day. But you know what, there are days that I love being an analyst. It makes me feel so professional at the end of the day. But there are just some days..
Hopefully, I’ll get to figure out which career path I’d like to take and I just hope by that time, opportunity will once again knocks my door:)

Have a good day everyone!

cza :)

Happy BEERDay big sis!

It’s Friday! And its’ the second entry in my site.. i was thinking doing a countdown till I get the first hundred days of my blogging adventure..but I know i might skip some blogging days but I’ll try to keep everything posted..i hope so atleast…
Last tuesday was my sister's birthday..she’s now 23 but still looks like 13..(with no exaggeration)well, it’s better to look younger than your real age than to be like in 30’s if in fact your in early 20’s..
Well, my present was given to her in advance from my first paycheck last June as an analyst. We were like strolling in the mall,and we went to this store, and we just ended up getting a decent watch for her.. it was a nice ESPRIT leather watch. I told her it was already my “thank you” gift for everything she has done when I was in college and advance gift for her bday which is apparently last Tuesday...
So,a late happy birthday BIG sis..:) and i so so LOVE you:)..


Helo World!

Hello World! So finally i’m now starting to write my own i used to be just reading and be fascinated with all those creative blogs around the internet.. i found those blogs so worth it of my time in learning a lot of things and be amazed on the way dear bloggers earns a lot of money from it. It’s like expressing yourself, giving out point of views on a certain topic and be paid for doing that…That is indeed INCREDIBLE! is’nt it?
I’m now trying to explore my passion in writing in a place where I could freely express whatever ideas I have in mind, and perhaps, be able to inspire a lot of people from it.

cza :)