Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I got cursed!

Poor me, I have given this opportunity just recently that was almost worth $9 but when curse hit me, $9's also gone by the wind.
This was the scenario, I checked my email and found out I have a task, so I took time to write this 200 words post to meet the deadline. So, while I was trying to submit the post and its link, it just didn't go through for some reason. There was an error occurred that hindered me to post it, so I went back and re-arranged everything I thought was wrong. There wasn't any, actually! So, i went back to submit it again and then again for another time, it just didn't work. I was pissed and frustrated. Task will most likely be up in a day so there's no way I have to wait for another day. Same thing I did. I went back to fix those errors that are really NOT errors. Holy Moly, What in the hell is wrong with that???? I spent time and effort just to submit the post on time and then for some reason it couldn't work perfectly.
I got cursed! But I digress!. Too much! Anyway, how y’all folks doing?? If ever you encountered the same way, please let me know and let's share this agony!..

Till next time buddies!

Get Skype! Get connected!

If I have to live back in ancient time, I would have missed this modern technology. As far as convenience is concern, technology has saved me from a lot of circumstances. Lately, I am fond in using Skype as my means to communicate to any of my relatives and friends across the globe.

With Skype, I could be able to video/voice call them anytime I want without thinking of the charges I might incurred. It's really the faster way to get connected. Well, if given a chance to experience living in my grandparent’s time that would be awesome! But, I'm sure I would always want to go back in this modern time when everything else is beyond reach!

So Have you all  downloaded Skype?. You should be!.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buying First Home Benefits

Good News everyone!
Who among you are still not done in filing taxes yet? I have relatives and friends who live in the States and they have been very busy lately for filing their taxes.I was just talking to a friend of mine who's really excited in claiming her tax credit since she just gave birth on her first child plus they bought a house years ago.She told me she is expecting for more credits this time compared from the amount of money she got last year.Well, the good news for her and for all of you who are just first time homebuyers or those who have not owned in the last three years can received as much as $8000 tax credit. This is really fantastic deal for buying first home. At this point where everyone is having a hard time dealing with economy, prices all go up, it's a good thing to receive good amount of money out of credit. It is really something to look forward to. I am sure my relatives and friends are so excited for this as this money can go along way in paying their debts off. A lot of people can totally benefit from this so as long as you meet the entire requirements which was fully discussed in this article.

Due to the number of scenarios in which first time home owners find themselves, it is important to research and fully understand this tax credit in order to receive the maximum benefit.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Hi Folks, I was given this beautiful award by three of my friends here in the blogosphere. Thanks to: Jenny, Cris and Kat for this.
The rule is to give 7 things you should know about me and then ofcourse pass this award to some of my friends...

1. I am ME, I can't be somebody I am NOT.
2. I am sometimes in random thoughts.
3. I am a sucker for chocolates,pasta,cakes and ice cream
4. I am God Fearing
5. I have a good heart,totally.
6. I believe in KARMA
7. I am not PERFECT, but I know what is GODLY from not.

I'm giving this award to: Cacai, Analou, Kathy, Ruby, Jenie, Anna, Lulu, Faye,Shydub

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am again grateful!

Finally,It's great to be back with a surprise of my first hundred followers in just a couple of months since I started blogging.

It feel so good and having it the first 100 makes me more eager to work harder and productive in this world of blogging!
Thank you all folks for making me a part of your daily rounds.
It's really incredible! Thanks!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Movie marathon 3

Here again is another two thumbs up movies you might want to check out!
The Blind Side

For those who have seen the movie, you will agree that it's incredible!
It made me cry though! I would watch any movies with Sandra Bullock! God, she's amazing!
For those who have not seen it yet, better do it! it's heart breaking and all good.Next is
Cheaper by the Dozen
I so love this watching with my entire family. It brings closeness and unity to every family.
Steve Martin is probably one of my favorite actors.
You don't need to spend a lot of money for your weekend to be special,it just takes wonderful movies to make every weekend a blast!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Car insurance

Having your own car or wheels is very convenient if traveling is one of the things you love to do. Cars are now considered necessity for some people especially if public transportation is hard in one's location. Buying your own car means allotting some money to have your car an insurance new auto. Car accident is something that we would try our very best to avoid. But as they say, accidents happen even when you least expect it.

My friend who just recently bought a new car made sure she has dealt with a good insurance company that offered her a great deal for insurance new car. It's better to understand each policies and standard rules since there are a lot of insurance companies in the market that might differ in some terms. It’s nice to know that my friend got to know this insurance new for her new car to free her from worries and be responsible enough as a car owner and driver.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm finally back!!

I terribly missed you guys and  doing daily rounds to your pages to read your posts.
And I am so thrilled to post and update my blog as well. I haven't been on much lately due to work and there were a lot of things happened recently, both good and not. But on the lighter note, I'm finally back! I missed my CONSTANT FOLLOWER label, that's who I was before, right?
I just hope everyone had a very wonderful valentines day. I spent mine with my family and friends in Subic and had a blast! I'll be posting some pics later on, but for now, Il'' be frequently on to the blogosphere world, and I'll seee you around folks!

Did you miss my visits and Ec drops? You better be!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

January: Top EC dropper

I'd like to commend these people who made it on my January EC Droppers. I make sure to drop on my friends pages every now and then, and giving back the favor is really overwhelming.


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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


If  I were a food, I'd be a pasta
Everyone's all time favorite I guess
If  I were a month, I’d be December
I love holidays and the spirit of Christmas
If  I were a day of the week, I'd be Friday
Thank God It's Friday.. for a weekend to look forward to
If  I were a time of day, I'd be 9 pm
The time when peaceful evening comes
If  I were a planet, I'd be Jupiter
I just like Jupiter
If  I were a direction, I would be RIGHT
I'm not damn good in North East West and South thing.
If  I were a piece of furniture,I'd be a couch
So everyone will look for me..
If  I were a liquid, I'd be Water
I'd love to give life!
If  I were a tree, I'd be a Christmas tree
I get decorated and loved for a month or so, who wants anymore
If  I were a tool, I'd be a Hammer
Atleast I'm pushing myself too hard for work
If  I were a flower, I'd be a lili
Lilys are so beautiful and magical looking
If  I were a kind of weather, I'd be rain
Everyone gets pissed when it rains, they dont like it, But sometimes people dance.
If  I were a musical instrument, I'd be a piano
Sounds classical to me
If  I were a color, I'd be sky blue
You know the feeling when you look up at the sky and it's the perfect color, and clear of clouds, Yeah i wanna be that
If  I were an emotion, I'd be HAPPY
When everyone's happy, I can say they LOVE is just easy to give..or the other way around
If  I were a fruit, I'd be an apple
Apple has something to do with religious history..
If  I were an element, I'd be wind
Wind can knock you down, or lift you up.
If  I were a car, I would be a van
Everyone could fit in.
If  I were an ice cream, I would be coffee crumble
my favorite ofcourse
If  I were a place, I'd be a church
I want to hear everyone's prayers, I want to be in a peaceful place
If  I were a material, I'd be a gold
So once they owned me,they would take good care of me
If  I were a taste, I'd be sweet
not like i wanna be sour
If  I were an object, I'd be an camera
Get to capture all the moments that people want to remember, i would love that
If  I were a body part, I'd be eyes
I want to see the world from someone elses eyes
If  I were a facial expression, I'd be a crooked smile
The most mysterious facial expression

So, If I were you, tagged yourselves!