Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Hi Folks, I was given this beautiful award by three of my friends here in the blogosphere. Thanks to: Jenny, Cris and Kat for this.
The rule is to give 7 things you should know about me and then ofcourse pass this award to some of my friends...

1. I am ME, I can't be somebody I am NOT.
2. I am sometimes in random thoughts.
3. I am a sucker for chocolates,pasta,cakes and ice cream
4. I am God Fearing
5. I have a good heart,totally.
6. I believe in KARMA
7. I am not PERFECT, but I know what is GODLY from not.

I'm giving this award to: Cacai, Analou, Kathy, Ruby, Jenie, Anna, Lulu, Faye,Shydub


  1. Thanks for posting this award cza and for mentioning me as well...

    Nice to know your 7 things..

    Have a good day. God bless

  2. Much deserved award and thanks for sharing my friend!

  3. include me , I have awarded you this 2 weeks ago..
    check it out girl..( not on this site... but onmy amazing grace blog)

  4. hi! cza
    am here to grab the award. thnks for remembering me. keep our friendship!

  5. Hello Cza. Thanks for this award. I am deeply honored. How are you dear friend? I guess busy like me huh? Well, hope every is well with you. Have a nice dya Cza.

  6. you're truly a beautiful blogger..Thanks for not forgetting me with your bloghopping..I'm flaterred with it:)

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