Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm finally back!!

I terribly missed you guys and  doing daily rounds to your pages to read your posts.
And I am so thrilled to post and update my blog as well. I haven't been on much lately due to work and there were a lot of things happened recently, both good and not. But on the lighter note, I'm finally back! I missed my CONSTANT FOLLOWER label, that's who I was before, right?
I just hope everyone had a very wonderful valentines day. I spent mine with my family and friends in Subic and had a blast! I'll be posting some pics later on, but for now, Il'' be frequently on to the blogosphere world, and I'll seee you around folks!

Did you miss my visits and Ec drops? You better be!!!!


  1. Hi Czacza! Welcome back to the blogging community!

    Yes, we missed your drops and visits my friend.

  2. \what happened miss? glad you're back.

  3. Hi Cza, I am glad you are back in blogland.. and I missed you terribly as in todo-todo.. hehehe... welcome back! ~hugs~

  4. welcome back cza. hope to hear more from you. have a nice day!


    nice to have you back cza...we just went to the mall all day though we dont really celebrate vd. it's my parents 38th year anniv on the 15th that's what we celebrate!

    BTW can u change my earthy me title to HEALTHINFO@EarthyMe please? thanks.

  6. WElcome back Cza. I miss you. You are indeed a nice blogger friend. Hope everything is well with you. Take care.

  7. welcome back cza! yep i miss ur visits and ur drops,, hehe. enjoy ur day girl!