Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bowling as a SPORT for everyone!

When we think about SPORTS, Basketball is one thing we wouldn't missed to utter...
Baseball, Football and Billiards just to name a few...but how about BOWLING..
Well, to tell you, Bowling is one from the many to be considered a recreational activity but currently, it is now considered as a professional sport in which there are growing numbers of followers already. It has now grown in countries like USA, Germany,UK.European countries, and even in the Philippines..
It was last summer when I have had the privileged to try playing bowling along with my friends in Tagaytay. It was perfectly fun and I've realized I have potentials in being a professional bowler..(lol)..
So, if you're looking for something to try on... I'm betting you to consider playing Bowling too:)

I'm ready for my first strike:)

cza :)

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  1. WOW it seems nag enjoy´s been a while since ng bowling ako :P maybe it´s time to do it again with my friends..