Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy BEERDay big sis!

It’s Friday! And its’ the second entry in my site.. i was thinking doing a countdown till I get the first hundred days of my blogging adventure..but I know i might skip some blogging days but I’ll try to keep everything posted..i hope so atleast…
Last tuesday was my sister's birthday..she’s now 23 but still looks like 13..(with no exaggeration)well, it’s better to look younger than your real age than to be like in 30’s if in fact your in early 20’s..
Well, my present was given to her in advance from my first paycheck last June as an analyst. We were like strolling in the mall,and we went to this store, and we just ended up getting a decent watch for her.. it was a nice ESPRIT leather watch. I told her it was already my “thank you” gift for everything she has done when I was in college and advance gift for her bday which is apparently last Tuesday...
So,a late happy birthday BIG sis..:) and i so so LOVE you:)..


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