Friday, October 23, 2009


It was a long day for me…..
I went in GlaxoSmithKline for my first panel interview this morning. I was asked to report at 8 am and was interviewed around 10am…That was hell of a wait.
So while I was on the queue, I kept on looking around in the lobby, staring all the posters and drug samples displayed in a glass window. After a few more minutes,
my name was called. I was asked to go to room that is next with the training room.
I went in and shook my hand with the panel interviewee. They asked me a lot of intelligent questions that seemed to be very hard and yet very relevant in the field of being a Medical Representative. But i was wondering if personal love life is relevant? Surprisingly, they did ask. After 40 minutes of being interviewed, I was asked to wait for the result and thank God I’ve passed the interview… But the bad news was, my next panel interview would be in the afternoon and I still have to go to work by that time. So I made plans to go at work and just consumed my break for my next interview and it did go through. The second one was quite relaxed compared to the first interview I had earlier but then they told me to just wait for another call if ever I made it to the final interview. That was really a long day…
And now, I’m wondering, is Med Rep is really my thing? I mean, I’ve gone a lot just to make it in the Pharmaceutical world, But is this really what I want to do?
I’m actually dealing with this dilemma for a few months now. And to tell you honestly, it’s really making me sick and on having confusion on what field I would really want to pursue. I was once dreaming to be a flight attendant, I did try but I guess I can’t fit in because of their so called height requirement which unfortunately I didn’t have much, but I have had an opportunity to work as a ground attendant which I didn’t mind to pursue. There were nights of regrets but that was just one.
Next, I was fascinated to work in Casino. But, I suddenly, realized that it would just mean of spending the whole time with gamblers and gambling. Then a teacher, a concierge, quality analyst in call center, a recruitment specialist… these were just some…. and I know I just need to have only one or two, either way, none of these is my current job which is a research analyst in one of the multinational companies in the world…company is good, pay is decent, perks and benefits are excellent but It’s really not my thing. I was enjoying it in the beginning but days went by and I was starting to feel like coming to work just to get paid for the day. But you know what, there are days that I love being an analyst. It makes me feel so professional at the end of the day. But there are just some days..
Hopefully, I’ll get to figure out which career path I’d like to take and I just hope by that time, opportunity will once again knocks my door:)

Have a good day everyone!

cza :)

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