Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trick or Treat in TR

Trick or Treat in TR
I've mentioned earlier in my previous post that Halloween is up in four days.. With all the parents all over the world preparing for their kids tricky costume, here at work... Halloween seems to be visible in every corner of 17th floor where we are at... We are now starting to put decorations all over the place for the Trick or Treat party on Thursday in which employees are encouraged to bring their kids which I literally don't have...instead we could bring our little nephews and nieces or maybe our neighbor’s kids which probably I won't do..
How I wish I could just bring in my 3 wonderful dogs with me instead of kids and let them experience Trick or Treat... sounds cool??.. lol...

And today it made me remember my sister who had joined the costume contest for Trick or treat last year here at work, though I have to mention that I'm now working with her in the same company right after I graduated last summer..

employees freaky workstations

Thought of sharing her crazy pic....

Have you seen a witch with slippers on?!

cza :)

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