Thursday, November 19, 2009

Have you had a worthy phone??

Cell phones are now considered as our daily necessity. It helps us to communicate either through text or call. It makes us updated at all times especially with all the added features on the latest phone. We could use our friendly phones to capture special moments through it's built in camera, record a high definition videos, watch your favorite television programs and even monitor your facebook or tweeter account. It’s really flexible.
As for me, I have been using my Samsung D900 cell phone for almost 3years now, and to tell you honestly, this has been one of the greatest phones I've ever had. It’s totally not the latest phone, but the fact that it runs so smoothly, that is even better for me
I've never encountered any bad problems ever since I got the phone. Battery could even last for a few days. Although I'd like to mention that the back cover has already been taped, it was still good though.
I'm not planning to buy a new phone this Christmas. I'd rather buy anything that would appreciate value,say,jewelries.

I guess, I would still use it until it gets too destroyed. I’m wishing more years to come for my phone....

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