Tuesday, November 17, 2009

keeping FRIENDS!

I think it's really important that no matter where your life leads you, you never forget to keep your friends whom you have shared memories together and makes you sturdy, comfortable and strong for the ages.
So last week, I had the pleasure mingle with my not so friendly friends (lol) after we had to separate in a while after grad.
We had a bunch of stories about our current work, gossips about our classmates and a pack of reminiscing talkings..Sometimes, it feels so good to rehash the past and be able to bring back the good and the bad memories...
I now wonder, who are we going to become after ten years or more?.Are we all gonna be the same?? it's going to be a big fair deal... and I'm wishing all my friends to be in the place where all they wanted to be:)

till next time,

cza :)

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