Sunday, November 22, 2009

Marry Me???

Marry me Bella? That's what the last words uttered by Edward to Bella in New Moon which was the ending of this film. It was another cliffhanger for me, especially I have not been able to read the entire book but I've watched the first part which was Twilight. I've mention in my previous blog that theatres will be packed again by the cult followers of this series and I've proven it last night when I've watched the film along with my buddies. You got to be really patient with the long wait to get your ticket reserved for the screening time. But surely, your patience will be all paid off after seeing the movie. It's definitely worth seeing. Well, according to my friend Liza who have read the entire book (for this I'd like to commend her for that), the film was so good to compressed what the book has to say with its running time for almost two hours. And for the record Jacob is really hot especially when he had his haircut. Oh well, Edward is indeed handsome as usual that's why it has always been him for Bella's heart.

I bow my head for New Moon! All is at its very best.
Two thumbs up for this!

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  1. your absolutely right sis.. grabe sa wakas napanood ko na and it was like i am reading the actual book inside the cinema good compress tama ka all the highlight of the story are shown and i am so excited on incoming eclipse movie next year in june...