Thursday, November 26, 2009

Podcast is cool!!!

I'm really having a great time listening to my favorite Podcast from the Hellick, I'm referring to the genius behind the , a little company established by actress Hilarie Burton, producer Kelly Tenney and writer Nicholas Gray. Hell, they are great people to listen with. I started to learn hearing podcast from the famous TV series One Tree Hill, where Hilarie Burton played as Peyton Sawyer and she was fond of recording podcast, from then on I got interested to podcast. It's like hearing other people as if you’re on the phone together. That's awesome!. I’ve never known podcast before. But with the power of computer, and internet or technology I should say, here’s the podcast.
I'm actually thinking to record and start my own podcast and be able to share it over my page. I'd like that. It would be nice for people to hear what you have to say, without double meanings, getting it straight from you. Maybe I need to figure it out first. But it would be fun right? Definitely it is! I can't wait for more podcast from my favorites and probably have my own.

That's pretty exciting!

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