Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Man's Bestfriend!

They say,dogs are considered to be man's bestfriends. And I believe that.Dogs are social animals just like humans, so, it's very evident that humans and dogs could be good friends.Dogs are very loyal and will protect their owner with everything they can.They would love their owners no matter what even if you are crippled, blind, homely, old, young,gambler or whomever who you are.They just want to be taken care of by the means of good shelter,enough food and proper treatment.So if dogs are really man's bestfriend? I surely believe that. Over the years,I have had a ton of dogs.Currently, I have three best dog friends at home whom I absolutely love.They make our home so happy with the way they care and guard us. Everytime I go home, they are all seem to be excited to see me as they wag their tails as if we haven't seen each other for so long.They are really adorable though sometimes they drive our house crazy.But then again, I feel so blessed with my bestfriends! :)

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