Monday, November 2, 2009

where's the hellick??

While I’m letting time to pass till 9pm, I'd like to mention that I'm getting energized while browsing and viewing the page of has been a hobby for me before my day ends to see whether there is an update from the Hellick..
You'll know what I'm bragging about when you'll give a time to check out and log on to that site. It’s fun and entertaining.:)

And now it's pass 9 while I'm writing this, need to sign off, and I'm getting excited till I get home and see my 3 adorable dogs..:)..And by the way, my parents went to Ocean Park today, I wonder how it went through with their date?..But the important thing is that, they are taking a time off from work and worries.. I'll keep you posted tomorrow and see if I could post their adventure..

Till then,

cza :)

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