Saturday, November 21, 2009

The KING of POP in This is IT concert!!!

It's been a few months from now since we've endured the loss of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and probably a lot of people until now are still grieving about his death and would always be remembered as the KING of POP.A concert film entitled "THIS IS IT" was created that documented his on stage performance as well as the behind the scenes rehearsal of the concert series that was supposed to begin last July. The concert film was a huge success in a lot of countries even in the Philippines. It has said to be the highest grossing concert film and documentary in the history. Did I mention that even my mom have watched the film twice and that made her remember the greatness of Michael Jackson especially with his popular moves?.
Michael Jackson is indeed a great loss to music industry and will always be remembered as a King of Pop.

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  1. i have heard so much raving about this film. too bad i missed on big screen. hope it will be available on dvd soon. :) how have you been, girl?