Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1st of December

It's the first day of December. And I wonder what’s gonna be in the remaining days left till it's 2010.As of the moment, it’s 24 days before Christmas and I haven't done any Christmas gift shopping. I know I'll be stuck again with late shoppers who love to hoard booties out for sale, as if there's no tomorrow. I might plan to head this weekend and see what to get. I’m thinking it's best to give something that is useful. Probably, I need to get my check list done before the end of the week. After shopping which I’d like to claimed fun, a little expense though, I'd like to plan to go to a place where my family could spend holidays since it's definitely going to be a long weekend, I’d love to give my parents a treat to some place they haven't been to, something local yet awesome place to remember. One option is Subic, which would probably head us to Zoobic Adventure. We’ll see where our adventurous feet lead us. I guess, it doesn't matter as long as we're gonna be all together on the very special day.

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