Thursday, January 7, 2010

December: Top EC dropper

I'd like to commend these people who made it on my December EC Droppers. I make sure to drop on my friends pages every now and then, and giving back the favor is really overwhelming.

Thanks to the following:
Basic Bloganomics
Mom's Place
Twerlyn's Way of Thinking
Cacai's Steps and Journey
My Careless Whispers
Chuchie's Hideaway
Hell Hath
My Virtual Diary
Bits and Pieces

**Visit their links too....


  1. ooh.. I am one of the first-liner in here for the EC.. thanks for the recognition Cza.. mine wasn't up yet.. perhaps later.. lots to do.. :-) thanks again sis.. muahh!

  2. wow! congrats to all EC droppers for being mentioned and for receiving some linky love from Czacza! hope to make it next time!

    have a nice day Cza!

  3. Yay! im included in the list, im not that lazy after all hehehe. thanks for the linky love cza.