Monday, January 18, 2010

Unplanned plan.....

I feel like I haven't been around in ages but not with my friends who I see to it to make my daily rounds as usual.

My mom's birthday is tomorrow and I'll be taking a half day off from work so I could possibly make things done by tomorrow as what we've planned. We'll be taking our mom in a spa somewhere in Pasay where if you probably know Mall of Asia or the biggest mall in Asia is just a few blocks from it.
So, the little treat of spa would cover everything from a full body massage to foot spa. Use of Jacuzzi and sauna bath is inclusive. A choice of buffet meal will be served either for lunch or dinner. After that, we'll head for a dinner and if my mother is adventurously enough, we'll let her try the Bungee Jumping. And everything else is still tentative. We're still looking on what to do on mom's special day. But a Spa treat is definitely a must for my super worrier mother. :)..I’ll tell you the whole details the day after tomorrow and probably share some pictures too :)..


  1. Wow sweet mo naman cza to think about that for your mom's special day... Hmm.. Makes me wanna go to the spa na rin.. hehehe... Saan ba ang spa na iyan para mabisita ko naman pag-uwi namin jan... hehehe


  2. Happy birthday to your mom Cza. Ang ganda naman ng plan nyong for your mom's birthday. I am sure she will like it. Hope everything goes well as plan. Have a nice day cza.