Thursday, January 7, 2010

Movie marathon

My movie entries for this week are these:
Man on Fire

This, I guess would be the film of all time. I am certain that this is one of the finest movies I've ever seen. Denzel Washington as Creasy plays as the bodyguard of rich family's daughter in Mexico named Pita which is played by Dakota Fanning. The story follows Creasy, an ex-CIA operative who takes revenge on a gang that kidnapped Pita the little girl he was hired to protect.

It's not just full of action but this movie is really heart breaking.
8 Below

After watching this film, I started to have an indispensable admiration to all the dogs not just with Husky. I still can't imagine how they were able to train all the dogs just for them to be perfect on screen. They are really smart and marvelous. If you're looking for something to watch with the entire family, 8 below should be on your list.

Happy watching on this cold weather...


  1. Thanks for thi post, im going to download 8 below.. di na ako nka pa nood ng sine dito, i wish nasa pinas pa ako kahot everyday pwede..lolz

    Surviving Deployment

    A new beginning


  2. Hi Cza! salamat sa bisita.. I haven't watched man on fire yet.. Try ko nga... Anyway, ok na schedule ko kaya parang everyday na akong mka-visit dito to return the favor naman sa iyo...


  3. I saw 8 below and I can't help not to cry. I've seen it twice and still it thrills me to the max. It is really a worth watching movie.

  4. hello Czacza! i love dogs! there are lots of pretty ... both huge and small... dogs here in Sweden. love them!

    and i've seen this pretty adorable film years ago... one of my favorites!!