Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My MOM's day off from WORRIES

When everything else is well-planned, there's no way it would end up a mess. I’ve been lurking around for the past three weeks of a good treat for my mom's birthday and as I did mention in my previous post, a relaxing spa is definitely on the list, and finally, my mom's birthday was indeed memorable to her and to us.

My sis and I took a half day off from work so we could pick up mom at home by 3.She was still clueless on where on earth we'll bring her. When we're around in Roxas Boulevard Manila, she thought maybe we'll set for a quick snack in Harbour Square. And she was wrong. We passed through a lot of fancy restaurants along the way, and she almost end up  asking on why we're off to dine when in fact she prepared food at home.
To put her out in a misery, we arrived in Wensha Spa. And she was stunningly surprised...

All the spa treatments includes a buffet meal and a choice of shabu shabu. Prices are a bit okay. And each guest are allowed to stay for as long as 6 hours to enjoy the inclusive amenities just like Jacuzzi and Sauna Area.
Before we walked to the locker area, one attendant gave us pair of slippers and had our shoes surrendered in return.We were given a sensor key lock for our lockers to ensure security of our belongings. I had number 52 locker,mom's got 13 and sister got 97..

Lockers Area was spacious enough and clean. Mom took a picture of me.

Then we abruptly wore our bathrobes on.  Each guest should wear bathrobe provided by Wensha Spa especially if you're going to head off to dining or to massage area. Mom and I took the time to pose for a picture although it’s really not allowed for protection of guest as they say.

And finally we headed to relaxing Jacuzzi and Sauna Area. It has a wide screen television just like in the movie house. I really felt so surprised when everyone else is walking NAKED… really naked. Although men's area was distinctively separated from women's area, we felt a little uncomfortable at first with the setting. . Since it was our first time there, we really have no idea with what was going on. I've been into other spa before, but it wasn't like this. But we managed to ride on. And everyone else doesn't seem to care to each other. That's nice or else it might add up to awkward feeling...haha.. Taking pictures were again prohibited of now know the reason behind it. But I happened to have a quick shot of mom.

After sometime, mom headed off to Foot Spa Area and while we had our early dinner. I was mesmerized with their Foot Spa area. It was a very nice ambiance. It was pretty dark inside but I managed to take a night mode shot for mom. She was watching news while the attendant was doing her spa.

I so love the dining areas. The food is okay but not something that you would brag about. It's just fine. But I did enjoy the unlimited ice cream.

After dinner, we went to the Body Massage area together with Mom after she just got her Foot Spa. And it was absolutely good though there were few times when I felt like the therapist was going to break my bones but she seemed so nice to asked me from time to time if she's getting a little hard on me. But afterwards, I felt so relaxed. Mom said the therapist was well trained.
We did have fun. I felt like it was also my birthday. It's really a good family bonding. Too bad my father wasn't there, he had work. But our stories and pictures were enough for him to prove that my mom did enjoy her birthday. That's really our goal, to make our MAMA feel so loved and special.
Before going home, we managed to took some pictures outside Wensha Spa.

 When we arrived home, We couldn't miss the day passed without our dear mother have her wish on her cake and we sang the Happy Birthday Song for her...

They headed off to Laffline Comedy Bar for some late at night entertainment. I didn't make it since I'm sleepy from the massage..I would never have second thought in spending money for my MAMA.. Life is too short for her not to enjoy it. We'll only have one mother in the world, but we have a lifetime to prove our LOVE to her.. And I'm glad she's our MOTHER.


  1. Huhuhuhuhuhu... you made me cry...My mom passed away 8 months now and I still missed her a lot! Continue making your mom special..

  2. wow.. sweet naman sis.. that's a great treat!

  3. i miss wensha! hay kakamis dyan ang mga spa sa pinas ... affordable,, dito nku..

    sweet mo naman sa mommy mo, miss ko tuloy mama ko.. hay buhay!

  4. Hello Czacza. Belated happy birthday to your mom!

    It feels good to know that there are people like us who love our moms so much!

    You really turned your mama's birthday a great one!

    Cheers to you, your sister and your mom!

  5. Wow! It looks so relaxing naman sis! Swerte tlaga si mommy kasi she was pampered big time! Hindi ko kaya ang all the way naked with other people watching sis.. Parang nakakailang.. hehehe

    I would definitely try going there when we come cza kasi spa dito very mahal... I barely go kasi it's not worth it..


  6. ohhh! so sweet of you to treat your mom to a spa. M sure your mom felt so beautiful inside and out after.

  7. belated Happy Birthday sa Mama mo sis...

    napaka sweet at thoughtful naman nyo ng sis mo...

    God Bless u more and more

  8. swerte naman nang mama mo at ang bait nyong magkapatid. :-)

  9. wow lucky mommy... Happy birthday to her and wishing her many more bdays to come..

    Cza san banda yan? Parang gusot ko rin magpa spa diyan if nasa pinas ako..i miss spa..hahah

    take care and good night

  10. Wow, I am proud of you, cutiepie! You are truly a good daughter not only to your Mama but to HIM. That is very admirable! I hope I can also treat my Mama to that spa when I visit there. Could you tell me, how much is it? :) Anyways, I wish you well. Take care and Godbless!

  11. nice a nice treat for a birthday mom. happy weekend.