Friday, January 8, 2010

Looking forward........

I'm looking forward for my first hundred followers to SIGN UP on my list.

I have a lot of friends now that I gained from the blogosphere and I see to it to drop and visit their pages to read their post every now and then. I religiously do that. And at this point in time, I'm feeling so happy to get a lot of feedbacks that I'm a CONSTANT visitor.I always FOLLOW them by just visiting. And I sure I am.It's because that it is the best way I could show them that I value the friendship that started over a simple exchange of links. And that's good.
I started to realized that I'm now down with 76 followers excluding some of my friends who haven't signed up yet.
Now, It would be exciting for me to see that I've reached the first 100 followers and more.. So,follow me now...:)


  1. Hi Cza..just log-in to your adgi account then go to "leaderboard" blog's name at least 5 blogs if you are using high speed connection, if not, just 2 blogs...from the 5 or 2 blogs you open, click each one of their adgi ads, (just 1 adgi ads)...then you have another new set of 5 or 2 blogs open, click their adgi ads each one of them and so on...this is what they called "chain clicking" the bottom of each adgi badge, you can see your points. Stop clicking when you reach the 100 points.

    Be sure also that you submit your rss feed to them so that whenever you have new article, you will get another points for that. If you do this everyday (100 points) will get at least $ .20 cent or more everyday.

    Here's the points when you start clicking..
    5 blogs...that is 5 points, then 10, 15, 25, 40, 60, 75, 90, then 100. Those are the points you can see at the bottom of the adgi badge.

    Ask lang Cza if may Q ka pa. You can do this in 15 mins only using a high speed connection or broadband....Enjoy Ganda!

  2. I am sure you can have more than 100 followers cza because you are a good and diligent blogger. I bet by the end of january you have more than a hundred. Keep it going my friend.

  3. is good to have a supporter..i support u

    Nikel Khor

  4. followed you dear and added u in my bloglist.. pls do the same..

  5. Hello Cza, follower mo ako noh.. hehehe.. thanks for following me ganda.. muahhh!

  6. Its nice to hear from a fellow blogger who appreciate the connection built through writing. Follower din ako!

  7. I am a follower now, yeheyyyy...milagro ano? Naka visit ako dito. Salamat ganda ha for always visiting my blogs kahit na d ako makapag blog hop. But, salamat sa daily visit mo, nakakatuwa talaga.

    If may time ako, i will drop by, okay? See yah around.

  8. I followed you already a long time ago cza and I want you to know that I appreciate the visits... Keep it up and before you know it, your blog would have a high PR! Kmzta na? what's ur plan this weekend? Kami wla kasi ang ginaw kaya dito...

    BTW, I am a native of Cagayan de Oro, sa mindanao bah.. Bisaya man ko day! hehehhee... Hopefully someday magkita tayo pag mka-uwi kami jan...


  9. You top again in my EC dropper...

  10. yup I truly appreciate your visit girl, happy weekend!