Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I looked back and be reminded...

A few days ago, it was officially 2010.And a few days ago; I started to think of what kind of person I become over the last year and what made my 2009 a pretty good year.
I made some highlights of every month as far as I can remember.
It was my mom's birthday and the year we welcomed the start of 2009

After so many sleepless nights, we had our thesis done along with my team mates and so we're ready to graduate on April.

We went to Singapore for a break courtesy of my mom and sister. It was really fun traveling to another side of the world.I’m still thankful until now for my Singapore treat.

I attended one of my best friends 18th birthday or the so called debut.

And the day my parents shed tears watching me received my diploma as I graduate from college; they also felt like they graduated from all the expenses. Thanks to them for sending me to school, I could now say, I have a degree!!

I got employed after I graduated on the previous month as a research analyst in one of the multinational companies, Thomson Reuters.

I got my first pay check being an analyst and my dog,Chinee's birthday.

My other dog birthday, Chino. And I got protected with my first cervical cancer vaccine.

I had my 1ST birthday celebration at work. Thanks to their warm greetings.

I got to go for Ice Skates from stressful work.

I started to get fascinated in doing my own blog after so many time I spent in just reading other blogs.
That's what got me here..:) And I realized that "my art matters".

I get to meet people all over the world and be friends with them through the world of blogging.
******they are the people under my all time favorites*******
We are friend by hearts..
I ended my year with hopes and dreams for the year 2010.
Let me guided by our good Lord with this light to become a better person as I walk through the journey called LIFE!

I’ve never been perfect for the past year and I know I wouldn’t be just like everyone else but I did try to become the better person as I could possibly be, a person I could be proud of...
This year, let's all be a blessing to everyone.

till then,
cza :)


  1. You have a pretty good 2009 Cza. I hope your 2010 will be more fruitful than the previous year. I knwo how it felt to receive your first salary. It felt like..at last this money is my own...It's hard to describe. Have a nice day cza and thanks for always visiting my blog.

  2. your 2009 was a bunch! worth to really give thanks:) Thanks for sharing and thanks for your never ending visit!

    your art really matters! i change lay-out for Laikka's page, please check if you are still there cause I'm trying to put back all her bloglist!

  3. you had a 2009 blast!

    i am glad that i am on your list. keep blogging!

  4. Hi czacza!I've added you already :)

  5. Hello Czacza! Thanks for the daily visits and congrats on your PR. i can say that you had a wonderful 2009 and here's hoping for more blessings this 2010. Happy New Year!

  6. Wow! Andami namang positive things that happend to you last year Cza! Sana tuloy-tuloy yan hanggang this year...

    Salamat sa constant visit kahit hindi ako paka-bisita sayo everyday.. Pero ngayon parang ok na ang schedule ko, baka mkabisita na ako more constantly...

    Have a great year ahead friend!

  7. galing namam..naalala mo ang mga iyon sa bawat buwan..keep it up..good luck lagi sa iyo..

  8. Wohoooo you had a pretty year last year. Hopefully, you will have a great one this year too.

  9. Hi Cza, it is so nice to be back here in your blog.
    My mama's birthday is also on January. I had wished to be there right now. :)

  10. wow that's a very fruitful year for you...Goodluck !

  11. hi.. u surely had a busy and blessed 2009.. congrats!

    God bless u more this 2010!