Friday, January 22, 2010

Movie marathon (part 2)

Since it's weekend, I'll give you my share of movies for weekend
How about Brokeback Mountain? haha.funny!


I never believe in hypes,but this time, it was way worth of the time to read reviews. This is a real deal fantastic film starred by Jennifer Lopez.
Can't say much, I've seen this movie way back years ago, but until now, I still brag about this one

My sister's keeper

This film made me cry all through the night.What's good with crying on a weekend?? Well, this film is worth of a tears.

Happy Watching folks!!


  1. I've seen the "enough" movie many years ago and it really made me cry. I still want to watch again, hopefully sooner. Have a great day my friend.

  2. when we watched my sister's keeper i cried so hard too

  3. Napanood ko na yung enough.. and I never get tired of watching it over again pag palabas sya sa cable tv hehehe.. the other one, sister's keeper, indi ko pa napanood.. i saw the trailer lang.. and i think its a nice movie too... wait ko na lng sa cable tv :-)

  4. Grabe isa sa favorite movie ko ang enough grabe yung story na kaka bilib yung character nya .Btw I have a tag for you here

  5. have'nt seen this movie yet... wala ata to sa bangketa..

  6. hi! am back again. i love these movies...

    btw, can i invite you to exchange link with you? tnx po.


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  8. Hi Cza! Sensya n ngayon lng ako nkabisita, I am so busy preparing for Fifi's bday celebration.. Salamat nga pala sa bisita..

    Anyway, I haven't seen my sister's keeper, busy-busyhan kasi... But I probably will kasi sabi mo nkaka-iyak...