Thursday, January 28, 2010

I can't even get a title for this post!

Sue me for being lazy this days for not updating and not even around in awhile, although EC dropping is still being taken care of, then probably we're calling it truce.

Half of my time lately is being engaged in reading books. I missed the old days where I usually grab something to read. And now, I'm trying to get back in the loop. I went online, checked in Shelfari where I get tons of recommendation of books to read. I now have a complete set on the list for 2010 books. Currently, I'm reading The Shadows of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, courtesy of my manager. I have to return it in a week though.
Come last week of February, I'll be taking exam for Masters. Sometimes, I wanted to pursue another degree, MBA i think. But there were a few times when I don't feel like going to back to school to study again but thinking that it would be a plus factor so I could be way competitive in the future, is enough for me to consider going to GRADUATE SCHOOL this time.. And another thing is, I'm feeling blessed at this since I'm one of those people who are not degraded to go to school, that's the contrary I guess.
Oh well, Sometimes, I feel I really don't push myself on what I really want to do. The problem is ME! I have lots of interest, but I'm pretty sure there's one thing on the TOP of everything. I don't know. But maybe you know. Tell me, Should I go and aim for my Masters Degree and study again or NO?

Darn it, never mind! Thanks for reading!


  1. In my own opinion Cza. You should pursue your MBA. I am always thinking of going back to school and take up engineering since that's my dream. I've finished my business management but until now I still want to even somehow achieve my engineering kahit na it will take me years. I am just waiting until I will know how to drive a car so that I can go wherever I want without asking my husband to take me there. You are still very young and very intelligent. There are a lot of big opportunities ahead of you. grab this chance friend while you still can.

  2. by the way.. added you in my new domain.. pls add me too!

  3. go for it Cza! kailangan mo yan sa work...ako nga natapos ko na MBA ko 3 years ago nung wla pa yung baby ko...

    Now, am planning to enroll this coming school year...kukuha ako ng Agricluture units kasi nasa gobyerno ako (DA)...kasi natapos ko is BS Business Management kaya ayon gusto ko rin ng promotion (future purposes)...Kaya go for it girl!

  4. hi! me again, may i join the conversation? :) well, its good to be busy... and if u can have time for entering another Masters well, go and squeeze that in, in your sched, I am wanting to go to school too but, not a good idea for now. and like you, i have lots of interests and hoping to do it all.

    have a lovely day to yah.

    ey, btw, may i exchange link with you? let me know. :) tnx!


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  6. Hi Cza..sorry, now lang naalala ang Q mo hehe..well, just unsubscribed her/his account when you receive new article from her/him from your inbox (email) and then then there's an instruction what to do next. The unsubscribe link is at the bottom of your page mail.

    Go..go ..go girl for your career..i can sense that you are yakang-yaka mo yan..

  7. I encourage you to pursue your MBA, it's a great feeling. Yeah, I been there.

    Pansin ko lang na may Baloona kang follower, if you clikc her blog its a porn site.. You should report it to google or blogger.

  8. Go!!!
    Just do it, be the best for your self...