Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's hilarious!

Its payday tomorrow but I already got my pay slip a day ahead.
Well, I was kind of disappointed about it that I'd almost got it ripped off because of the exaggerated tax.
It's really hilarious that it was almost one fourth of my pay. Should it really be like that? Oh well...I just hope the money they get from me or from everyone else or the so called taxes should be really for government projects for roads, highways down to streets or for the loved of the nature or maybe to improve the society.
Oh well, how would I know that one?.. Okay, I don't want to brag anymore!
So moving on, since its payday tomorrow, it’s also a payday for my bills. Of course credit companies would love me tomorrow, I have credit cards to pay for, a monthly mortgage for the condominium unit I'm sharing with my sister, my cellphone bill, groceries and a lot more..
Before it gets to zero, I'll make sure to get a portion for my mom's birthday this 19th.

Oh boy, Money really goes away in a just a blink!


  1. KORAK!! Cza...hope the taxes will go to the right place and not to the "right pocket". grrr.

  2. Hello Czacza! Hope all is well with you anyway and that you are able to buy a gift for your mom.

    Here in Sweden, 32% ang binabayaran namin sa tax. yayks! Lagi nga eh pero sulit naman.

    Have a nice day and see you around!

  3. you said it right cza. taxes really are high. dito nga sa germany, 40% of your gross income ang kinukuha. but it won't hurt if they are really used for infrastructure and civil services.

  4. tax is really big di ko na nga kinikwenta eh... well dito naman at least may tax refund every year....

  5. hehehe talking about taxes..we have almost the higher taxes in Sweden food, beverages, and travel...so...we do have tax refund but it depend on how much you earn if you earn less and have a loan so your rich before mid-summer...hehehe!

    have a good day...

  6. hayzz...my husband salary was cut-off down to 30 percent and it hurts a lot to our everyday needs.Nandyan pa ang mga taxes(T_T)

  7. weee...relax dear cza.., just be thankful you have a work and salary to recieve every month:)

    More blessings!

  8. Hay sinabi mo pa cza... Kami rin dito malaki ang kaltas sa sweldo ni mister for taxes.. Kakainis minsan... Libre mo ako ng coffee bukas ha.. hehehe...




  9. advance happy birthday to your mom..january 19 is memorable to me..because it is a birthday of my childhood friend name CONTESSA..sa katunayan ay may sinulat akong kuwento na napublish iyon sa diaryo na ang title ay contessa..nasa blog ko ang newspaper clip sa sidebar sa mga napublish..

  10. yeah.. money just finishes fast talaga..kaya this year, I'll try to do ( and implement) a monthly budget plan na and minimize the use of my credit cards.

    By the way, thanks so much for always dropping by!

  11. as what they say when you get your paycheck: "one day millionaire and 30 days poor." harharhar

  12. Dito din sa US Cza is napakadami ng taxes. Left and right kumbaga. My salary is very little and yet I have tons of taxes. Ok na rin kasi my refund naman. Haaayyy ganoon talaga ang buhay. Napakadulas ng pera.