Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sweet Escape!!

My mom's birthday is up on the 3rd week this month. I'm thinking what to give her on that special day. I have a plenty of options from clothes, shoes, jewelries down to gadgets. But I know my mom wouldn't want any of those since she just a homebody person. She’s a full time mom and wife at home and she has a little cake business that is up and running. I perfectly don’t know on how it is to be a mom but living with her in 21 years of my existence in the world has led me to understand how it is to be a MOM.

With that saying, I'd like my mom to have a free time off from any household chores and have her hands away from the baking equipments.
I'm thinking to give her a little spa and pampering on her birthday. I’ve been all searching all over the net and found the Myrtle Beach Resort. I was fascinated with the serenity and beauty of the place by just looking the pictures. It’s going to be a good gift for her since she's been doing a lot of work ever since. A perfect Spa escapade gift for her in Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort would be great for her sweet escape from work. I’m pretty sure she’ll enjoy her special day with that treat.
If only I could afford at this point in time with my own money, I would never have a second thought.

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  1. year 2009 for you is a blessed one and I know 2010 will be too:)