Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pet peeves list. I have mine and I am sure, so are you..

Pet peeves? Who doesn't want to rant about anything that annoys us??

What are your pet peeves guys? If you're not totally aware, I’m hoping you are.. Pet peeves are something you hate or things you always get annoyed or feel distracted to..
I know it's cool to appreciate things but in times we'll be caught of guard by some distractions.

Here's my list:
**bad personal hygiene..
You need to agree with me with this. Sometimes, smelly person are a bit annoying. It makes you get distracted.
**flying cockroaches and scary spiders
These two make me really want to be insane. It totally freaks me out.And I hate to see it around. They are literally annoying for me.
** Guys who wear jeans with flip flops on during dates. (Not shoes).And I'm literally referring to GUYS not GALS
You're excuse if you're just off for a grocery shopping or maybe to pick up your little one from school.. But not to the extent that you are with someone who dresses really fine as if she's totally underdressed.
Let's say a movie date maybe. I'm just referring to a guy who goes on a date with flip flops.
** When some other people think they own the world and are just careless enough to show off.
It says it all....
** Dirty fingernails
I even hate myself if my fingernails started to look as if I have a brownie on hand in forever. It's okay to have long nails, and I currently have those, but it would be pleasing to have it clean :)
** Smokers who’s not so sensitive
I don't hate smoking, I just didn't do it. And my dad smokes a lot. When I say a lot, it’s really MORE that we usually fight over it. I just don't want him to suffer later on. So speaking of insensitive, those who smoke when in fact the place is crowded and everyone else might sniffed as if it's so good to inhale it.:) Too bad if you're asthmatic person, you should have watched out for these people.
** Movie House Distractors
 People talking and so much whispering inside the movie house even the film is currently playing. They are really annoying as if they rented it for private.
** Long time no see and then suddenly APPEARS
Family members who do not talk to you for years, but when they need or want something, they are around and call you even as early as 6 in the morning.I love family but shouldn't we be together through the good and the bad?.
**Out of the reality peeps
I hate it when I'm talking to someone seriously and suddenly it seemed that person is getting it with the straight look in my eyes and at the end, I'll be asked, what was it again??? It makes me really wanna die..

If you're having more interest in reading this, then you could move on to next part and I should probably admit I couldn’t help feeling a little peeved about myself. I do sometimes have shortcomings.

**I hate it when I make stupid mistakes and realized I could have done this and that after all.
**I hate it when i misspelled and cut the words that I've learned through text I sometimes even don't understand what I mean when reading it by myself.
**I hate it when I buy something I like and buy every color of it. As if it's for a week long uniform.
**I hate tardiness! I'm always a minute tardy to work. See??? I'm guessing I'll be on your top pet peeves list for being late.
**Talking about call time and being late, when the call time is 9 am expect me to come by 10 am. It's an hour ahead.
**I cancel meeting or friend’s day out in just a minute ahead before the call time. I'm so the party thrasher.
**I hate myself for just saying yes all the time just to end up the discussion when I'm busy, but I really don't know why I did say YES.
**I hate myself for taking a lot of sweets in a day and ended up thinking how to wash down the calories.

With these, I bet I'll be qualifed to be called pet peeve.
If you're definitely enjoying reading this, I guess, you find yourself under my pet peeves, or you’re probably just like me who hates yourself sometimes. Or maybe you want to comment and give me your pet peeves too...

Anyway, it's just pet peeves, whatever it is, we all live in the world of imperfection and so do I. And I guess, that makes us a better person to conquer every pet peeve we encounter.


  1. oh my top of the least pet peeve... being late...

    i hate people who get late on appointments. it is too grrr for me

  2. hehhehe..i find it interesting reading it, maybe you are right... i have many things that annoyed me also which are on your list..hehe

    have a bright new day! and don't let annoyance annoys you!!!lol!

  3. I also have a lot of pet peeves Cza.. And most of them are mentioned by you already...


  4. hello pretty girl.. drop by naman sa akin..

  5. nice job , , , give smiling and writing , , , :D