Tuesday, January 26, 2010

laughing out load!

Today was really freakin' hilarious. I was laughing all day long while chatting to my new found friends. I won't go in details but this day has been a nice to remember though. Sadly, I have to end my day going to my professor's wake.It's sad and always been sad going in a burial. And I hate goodbyes all the time. To put on the brighter side, I'm learning to love each day that passes. Each day is a day to remember and build good memories.
Have a hilarious weekdays!

till then,


  1. There's a time for everything.. according to the Book of Ecclesiates..xlinks tayo miss.

  2. Talaga minsan unfroseen things happen. I am a happy person but it is once in a while na I laugh out very loud to the point na para na akong na-iiyak. I am sorry to know na sumasakabilang buhay na iyong teacher mo. Hope okay na iyong family niya.

    Ingat ka dyan lage CZa and thanks always for the visit.

  3. life really have lots of surprises! one minute you're laughing and next you're crying.

    missing your visits dear! ;)