Monday, January 4, 2010

Give me Some LOVE this 2010

It's great to have new things as we welcomed the year.

On the first day of 2010, I received my Google Page Rank, and on the following day, I get to received bags and jacket from friends.
 It’s like a late present for me.Thanks anyway!
It's so good to have generous friends around and have the things you want for free...

I was able to receive lots of gifts last Christmas coming from my mom, friends, colleagues, my sister's best friend, and his boyfriend.
(My sister has not given anything yet for me).haha. Thought I have to mention it so she could be reminded.

I didn’t have the time to take pictures for all of those but you know every single thing has been good enough.


  1. happy new year dear =)

    by the way, done linking you =).. can you also add my babyblog.. ill add yours too

  2. i hope you always lots of gift every christmas..

  3. wow! Congrats Cza...u truly deserved it all...

    Thanks again for the drop...c yah around...

  4. Congrats dear!!I love the bags,so chic!!^_^

    Happy 2010 to you and your family!!^_^

  5. hello Czacza! you deserve to be loved by your friends! you are a sweet person...

    i am glad to know that you have had a great new year filled with great gifts! hugs!

  6. haha, yeah right. new things are great to acquire on a new year. hehe. last weekend, i also got myself two new bags at SM Dept. Store at 50% off. :)

  7. the purses are just so effin cute esp. the black one.

  8. weeh..congrats for getting you page rank sis..:)