Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Alexa is a powerful tool!

When I started blogging way back few months ago, I was baffled with all the applications and widgets I needed to have. I've been looking around other sites especially to some people who do blogs and was stacked peeking on every single thing they have on their own page. Every time I go to another site, there is always the little box which indicates the traffic rank or it would mean on how well your site is being visited against any other sites. So, I started putting my own Alexa toolbar for the benefit of being ranked. Alexa ranks each website based on the number of visitors it receives. However it only counts those who visit your site and have already downloaded the Alexa toolbar. Anyone can download the toolbar for free which is automatically added to your browser and tracks the sites you’re visiting. Increasing visits from those who do not have the Alexa toolbar installed will not help your Alexa ranking. Take note, the lower the Alexa ranking number the more heavily visited the site. I started with almost ten million and now I'm down to just a million. That's a big improvement for me. My goal for the mean time is to hit less than a million and from then on, hit less than a hundred thousands or more. I know it's possible with all every means. And I'm doing whatever is necessary just to hit my goal in time.


  1. i just registered my blog in alexa and still waiting for their approal.

  2. hehheh..yap.. alexa also is very important when it comes to google ranking!

    goodluck dear friend!