Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Sad Christmas for ME.....

It's going to be a sad Christmas for me. My sister is sick and was admitted yesterday in the hospital. She was suspected to have Dengue fever since the number of her platelets dropped into 105. I don’t know about the normal count everyone should have. But the only thing that kills me right now is it happened on the Christmas season where everyone is expected to have fun and celebrate.I'd like to take it easy for at least my sadness wouldn't be noticeable. This will be the first time that we'll be spending the special day in the hospital.Well, I just wish my sister will get better before the New Year's Eve. I don't want to welcome 2010 with any of us is sick, that’s going to be awful.And I was supposed to take pictures of her so I could atleast share it to everyone,but too bad again, I don't have my phone with me.
I hope my dear blogger friends and readers would pray for the fast recovery of my sis.
Still, I'm wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!
Have fun and enjoy for at least you're all in your best shape.:)

till then,


  1. oh, how sad! i pray that your sister will get better soonest. do you know of a plant named tawa-tawa? it is known to be effective for one who has dengue. you just boil said plant in water and let your sister drink the liquid. i promise it is really effective. just the same, i wish you and your family a very merry christmas. have a prosperous 2010!

  2. my niece was admitted to the hospital due to dengue fever too... her platelet was down to 52 ( i think).. do you know what tawa-tawa is? that is a very effective medicinal plant for dengue fever.

  3. Get well soon to your sister...I pray for her speedy recovery!! God bless.

  4. i hope she will be alright in new year..merry christmas sa iyo..

  5. hope your sister feel better soon.
    wish her strength!

  6. Get well soon. Merry Christmas!

  7. hope your sis feels better soon.

    merry christmas

  8. Very sad to hear about this. I pray for your sister my friend.

  9. aw. they have to confirm it. I was also suspected once. but it wasn't dengue. Your sis will be fine. ^^

  10. hi cza! i hope your sis will recover soon, dengue is scary...

    i hope you stillhad a wonderful xmas though.

    Surviving Deployment

    A new beginning

  11. one worry old is she? hope she's not a kid. i cant imagine having to hold a kid every time there's a need for blood extraction, which i know is everyday when your platelet is being monitored =(

    thanks cza for dropping by often, i really appreciate it. promise to make it up to you, im not visiting much lately. you know, holiday ;)

    take care...esp on mosquito's!

  12. Sorry to hear that..hope she´s better now...