Monday, December 28, 2009

I am a Great Believer of my FAITH

We spent our Christmas Eve and the whole day of Christmas in the hospital since my sister has not been recovered from Dengue and still being confined in Manila Medical Center. It was not until Saturday when she got discharged from the hospital and she finally went home. It was a really sad Christmas for me and for the whole family since that was the first time that our Christmas Holidays went into sudden tears of fears. Her platelets count was enormously changing. It was like 110 from the start and it went down to 80, then down by 70...went up to 91, and down by 84 counts.
I was told that the normal count should be around 150.And from the figures my sister has gotten into, it was really alarming. We were told that the doctors need to have constant monitoring of her blood test, because if her platelet counts moved down to 50, a blood transfusion more or less was needed. And that scared the hell out of me. I’m a broken window when it comes to medical stuff so whatever things I've heard from others about Dengue, made me feel much worried. All I knew was my sister is sick. On the night of Christmas Eve, we decided to bring our loving dogs outside the hospital for my sick sister would get to see them. You don't know how much our three dogs mean a lot to us, they are like a part of the family. Moving on, we asked the nurse in charged if we could possibly bring her down and perhaps she could possibly see our dogs outside waiting for her. The nurse said yes as long as she's still around the hospital premises. The thing was if she was only allowed to roam around the hospital, she wouldn't get a peek to our dogs outside. So what we did was, we asked the guard on duty, if she could stay beside the Emergency Room gate, and we were allowed but that wasn't too close to where my dogs were staying. After a long convincing with the guards, we smoothly wheel chaired my sis outside the hospital and went to the near blocks where my dogs at. She went into tears seeing our dogs and our little one seemed like they have been away from each other in like forever. We didn't have the traditional Noche Buena though, but the important thing was we're complete in welcoming Christmas. We stayed outside until 1 in the morning. On the 25th, mom and I went to Black Nazarene Church to attend mass and offer prayers for my sister, and we felt relieve. After a queue of waiting on the following day, the doctor said she could finally get discharged although she has not reached yet the normal level but with the entire test, he said my sister is going to be fine.

That was the moment I knew that it’s really our Almighty God who will save us from anything. And my faith was strong. I’m definitely a great believer of my faith.

Thanks everyone for the prayers and for all the care.:)

I really appreciate every single one of you..:) You know who you are.....


  1. hi Cza, thanks for always dropping by. just like you, I am so busy with work!!!, company department presentations, buying of gifts for exchanges, etc. Buti ka nga, nagagawa mo pang magblog hop, nku ako talaga, hirap na...

    anyway, okay na ba sis mo? kakatouch naman that your dogs made your sis feel a little better. it was alarming nga na her blood platelet count dropped to 50?! how is she na?
    i hope she's okay now...

    I also read your post on Christmas Party sa office nyo. I also enjoyed our Christmas party. Sobra! :) take care too!

  2. hi Cza! Glad to hear that ur sissy is doing great na.. Ngayon lng ako nkabalik kasi napasarap ang bakasyon eh... hehehhe...

    Salamat sa constant visit ha.. Appreciate it talaga... And always remember na kahit ngkasakit ang sister mo, ur still blessed kasi she recovered eh.. Sana tuloy-tuloy na ang recovery nya...

    Balik uli ako dito bukas.. sensya na talaga...

  3. hi there! glad to hear that your sister is home now. I pray for her continued recovery; and I wish you and your family a healthy, happy and prosperous 2010. :)

  4. hello Czacza! thanks a lot for always visiting my blog. i really appreciate it!

    i am happy to hear that your sister is doing okey now. hope she stays healthy... with your and your family's care and love... she will surely feel a lot better soon.

    i will be going home on February... not yet 100% sure but if ever, i hope to meet you there!

    happy holidays!

  5. Glad to hear that your sister is okay now cza. That was scary, god is really good. Your sister is so lucky to have a nice sister like you stood by her all the time. I'll Pray for your sister quick recovery cza.

  6. oh glad to hear that you're home now, i mean your na rin yan sa inyo ni Lord.

  7. im so glad your sis is doing well now, like you i have a sis too, im very close to her...
    happy new year!

    Surviving Deployment

    A new beginning

  8. Thanks God she's fine already Cza. I know there are many incidents happen about dengue there now, thanks to the Almighty. muahhh!

  9. hi Cza...tnx sa constant drop mo sa site so happy that ur sis is out now from d hospital...just hope and pray that tuloy2x na yung pag galing nya...

    ingat...God Bless and Happy New Year!