Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Give away gifts for XMAS!

Early this morning, I was wrapping give away gifts courtesy of my mother for her friendly clients. I offered my not so talented hands to do it since my shift for work was not as early as 12pm.I figured if I have a creative wrapping ideas to show off.While doing it, I felt pressured on getting my own give away gifts for friends. I’ll find time on weekend though. My mom picked these little colorful handbags from Secosana. When you try to open it, it’s really not little at all. It could either be a handbag or shoulder bag at once. I haven't finished wrapping it all, just done with the first 10, there are 20 more to go, but probably I'll get it done later tonight.
I just hope mom would not let me wrap my own gift from she plans on giving me one because usually I get to asked it straight from her whenever we're out for little shopping...

till next time,



  1. so sweet doing that for your mom..

  2. oh thanks..but i enjoyed doing it anyway..:)