Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fixed Income Team Christmas Party

Last night was our dearest Team Christmas Party held in just one of the conference rooms in the office. It was my first Christmas with them and I did enjoy. Even if some of us were still not timed out from work, we still managed to celebrate the party with a blast.
Thank God there were no client queries to interrupt us in the middle of entertainment. We were like kids again that night. We all played games competitively as if it would add a portion to our salaries as a reward. I didn't win though.
We also have varieties of food that we're perfect to everyone. There's pizza, spaghetti, sausages, sushi and a lot more.
It's another treasure moments to cherish...

It feels so good to feel the spirit of Christmas!


  1. Ja..me too...nice party did you fun?
    Where is this party held in your office?

    Just wondering looks so wide area..

    Thnkas for sharing you happenings...

  2. Looks so fun! Thanks for sharing!


  3. hi! thanks for visiting and following my blog.

    Wow, you had a great christmas party!

  4. Ah you work in a call center?what kind of accounts do you handle?,

    Surviving Deployment
    A new beginning

  5. saya naman ng Christmas party nyo..nakakamiss...ala yan dito sa school namin here in Hatyai instead we;ll have a new years party..thanks for visiting my site always...Just busy these days with school and moving issues..Merry Christmas!

  6. ang saya niyo naman diyan..good team talaga..team to beat kayo..

  7. wow! you guys really seems had some fun;) Bibo at maraming pagkain ha! hehe.. thanks for visiting dear czacza:) happy holiday!