Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Never Pick up Strangers (The Hitcher)

I remember watching this film and it really made my day.It's about a young couple who hit the road for a trip when suddenly it turned to be an aspalling journey. Starring Zachary Knighton as (Jim Halsey) and Sophia Bush as (Grace Andrews).And from watching this film, I came to realized this ' Never pick up Strangers'.There are lot of cruel people in the world and sometimes you get to encounter them on the road. It's either you'll have a sweet travel or a very dangerous one.
Anyway,if you're looking for some suspense this cold season,The Hitcher is one of the best options to consider.


  1. as i always say to my kids dont talk to strangers coz youll never know what will happened nxt...

  2. hello Czacza. i've watched this film a couple of years ago alone. katakot! but i really really like this one! nice story!