Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Save VS Spend

There are only few days more till we say Hello to a Prosperous 2010.These holiday events are a lot of fun. We are all busy wrapping gifts, getting new clothes to wear, planning of reunions, renting a place for parties, and a lot more.
Unfortunately this holiday season can also end up costing us a lot if we aren’t careful.
Saving Money is good especially for the rainy days but it's really easier to be said than done. But there are a lot of ways on how we could help ourselves to save a little extra.
* Set Limit. - If we want to shop for something, consider having a limit on how much money we are willing to spend for a certain thing. Sometimes, we are just carried away with our unstoppable desires and we end up getting much more than what we really need.
* Selling our Old Stuff - Just look around the corner and we'll surely find something that still in good condition yet we don't need anymore. We could get money from selling it in a lesser price and use the money to buy something we need.
*Compare prices- Whenever we are in the groceries, shopping malls, or even doing online purchases, we all have the privileges to compare prices with the same products yet much cheaper from the other. But remember not to forget about the quality of products. And also keep in mind that not all expensive products are better than the cheaper one. Sometimes, it's just the brand.
*Don't take Magazines Voucher for granted. - We sometimes take for granted those friendly little coupon attached to magazine or other reading materials that would give us discounts in buying certain products. It’s time to watch out for coupons.
*Dress for Less - We all love to be fashionably attractive with the means of our attires. We tend to buy new clothes just for the sake of going to the flow. And we care less for the money we spend just to look good. But in order to save money, there are the means of Mix and Matches of Clothes.
We could re-use some accessories, clothes and even shoes for a different look. Just be creative in doing so. And you'll end up as if you're all brand new.
*Learn to say NO - With all the parties and gatherings around, we never say NO for it. There's nothing wrong in saying NO sometime especially if it would shed big amount of money. Yes, parties are good to mingle socially, but if it is done very often, our poor pockets will suffer too.

These are just some of the ways to
SAVE money. Always remember, whatever we do today is what future will brings.

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