Monday, December 14, 2009

Never been so lucky with raffles!!!

Have you had a great weekend??
Well, my Saturday night was happily spent in the year end event Christmas Party of the company I'm working with. We had a blast and really enjoyed the night with the variety of foods catered by Via Mare and the ever prestigious raffles, I didn't win though, I ended up being one of those loser when it comes to raffles, never been so lucky with that ever since. But it still heart breaking to know that I missed to get the big time raffles, and so were my friends.
I'd like to emphasize what the big time raffles include?

2 Sony Home Theater with multisystem 32” LCD High Definition TV
4 Acer Aspire One mini-laptops
4 Panasonic 32” LCD High Definition TV
4 Nintendo Wii US version
6 Sony PlayStation Portable Slim 3000
6 Flip Video Cameras
100 pieces SM Gift Checks worth P500

Oh boy, these are pretty damn good! Who wouldn't want to take home one of these junks? I’m calling it junks now since I didn't get any of those..hahaha..( I sound frustrated and devastated now)
Well, just to forget about the junks, I made sure to enjoy the night with my friends.

We were all carried away to the dance floor and just let our frustrations slipped away for awhile.

It was again another frustrating yet memorable good time of the year of my life that I was able to share with my good friends; at least memories are not being raffled.


  1. maaga pala Christmas party nyo jan? Kami alang Christmas party here in Thailand, only new year's party:( Thanks for adding're in my blog too..can't help noticing you have unique name:)

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  2. just added you already... nice site!

  3. sus kalami jud sa lechon sis oi.. yummm! hmmm.. gigutom kow... :-)