Thursday, December 17, 2009

A post for my BLOGGER friends.It's for all of you.

I've recovered almost all the URLs under my blogroll and see to it to drop on all my friend's pages whenever I'm online whether just for a visit or to drop EC. I've met a lot of gals and buddies through the art of blogging. I always enjoy reading almost every post my friends do, just for me to get to know every single one of them even just through their writings. How I wish i could possibly meet them personally and express my gratitude for helping me throughout the process when I was a newbie, I'm still a newbie though. Every time I asked for exlinks and get responded with a YES, it feels so good knowing I'll be having another friend. And every time my site is being included in another blogroll and when someone signed up for my follow list, I feel so overwhelmed and again, grateful! It would mean another friend who'll visit my page and check on updates. We all want opportunities online to make easy money and we're all grateful to advertisers for giving us those, but just a while ago, it occurred to me that more than anything else is important in this world, and that when you're having great friends, building good relationship towards people and above all, letting all your friends you're grateful to have them.
And I’m telling you, I'm grateful to have good friends around me, and really grateful to my blogger friends. We may not totally know each other, we may be beyond reach, but sharing moments through our own pages brought us all together to build our circle of friends.

I'm grateful to all of you guys for starting a friendship here over the net.
It feels so good whenever we dropped by and say hi to each other.

So let's all keep on doing our rounds and be grateful to everyone.
You could re-post it too if you feel grateful to your friends and to share LOVE.
**I'm tagging everyone especially my friends."


  1. Can i grab it? really nice one...hehehe

    Thanks for your everyday visit...happy blogging...

  2. wow! this is nice iha... i'll grab this;) and share it..hehe! good day!

  3. nice post..thanks also..merry christmas..