Thursday, December 24, 2009

Health Insurance is a Must Have.

My sister is sick and now being confined in a private hospital shouldered by her health card. I'm now starting to appreciate the worth of having your own health insurance. She's currently being taken care of in a private hospital in Manila. She has this cozy room with own television, refrigerator little extra bed for her guest and bathroom with hot and cold shower. They have different room rates and we actually just preferred to have the smaller room since with no fridge since there's a big difference with the pay but too bad there's a lot of people getting sick this Holiday that made the other cheaper rooms occupied.
At least comfy on our side though. Since she has a health insurance card, it's really a good thing that we don't need to shell out big amount of money not until she get out from the hospital and buy medicines for her self medication. It's really a relief when you're insured with regards to your health. Well, that's a friendly thought of getting sick. It crossed my mind that Health is really Wealth.

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