Thursday, December 31, 2009

Learning photoshop in 2010!

I used to dream of having a twin sister when I was a kid. I always find having someone who exactly seems like the other. Its silly when someone wonders and intelligently guess whose A and who’s the other A. But, unluckily, I didn't have a twin. I just have a sister. At least I have one though.

I remember one time I had the time in editing some pictures I took by myself and I ended up having a reciprocated my picture to make it seems like I have a twin.
It's pretty obvious that it was an edited one. I didn't use much of the available tools for photo shop since I barely know anything about doing it, but lately I realized I wanted to learn more about editing graphics or pictures. If only I have time.
I have a friend who basically knows something about editing pictures and making fancy images out of the ordinary. She just learned through the photoshop free tutorials which she gladly found while browsing the net and after some time she started trying to do it by herself.

Next year, I'm set to learn for wandering the power of photo editing. I'm going to make my self worthy whenever I'm free from work.

(that was me and my fake twin..haha)


  1. hi Cza! Salamat sa bisita ha... I really appreciate it.. Happy New Year nga pala!! Sana you and your family will be blessed with good health, prosperity and happiness...

    Enjoy ur celebration!

  2. good wishes to you about that..

  3. Photoshop is really an amazing creation. I learned the basic of photoshop because my husband has the program and he uses it at work. But I don't have ample time to further my knowledge about it.

    So maybe few months from now cza you will be a photoshop expert. It is a very complicated program but I know you can do it. By just reading your articles in your blog I can sense that you're very smart, diligent, pretty and persistent. Keep it up my friend. Have a wonderful day and Take care.

  4. Oh i really love this feature in fact i use Photoshop to make my pictures to look good ;) ....