Thursday, December 3, 2009

Save our PETS with the help of VET LOCATOR

I had fun taking pictures of my super hyperactive dog turned to be sleepyhead named Chino. He’s a combination of Labrador and Japanese spitz but he mostly inherited the Labrador side. He usually plays around the house and get something to destroy and play with, say for an instance, our front door mat. But currently, he’s not on the mood to do it as he was not feeling well and I'm not used to see him that way. We didn't know if he had taken something that was not really edible at all. Or maybe just like us, there's a time that we don't feel good with maybe because of the weather. Just for our confusion to get settled, we have finally decided to consult a friendly vet about how is he doing right now. So we're actually on the look for veterinary clinics around the area for us to make sure if our beloved dog is just fine. That made me realized how helpful for the residents of USA and Canada is the vet locator where they could easily look for veterinary clinics or vet nearest to their area without having to consume a lot of time and effort in finding one for their pets in case of situation where they need to seek one. That’s really convenient and helpful on their end.

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