Monday, December 7, 2009

Stylish Eye Glasses for my EYES!

Half of my time is being divulged in front of the computer due to the nature of my work. When I get home, I still can't avoid myself to stay away from the computer since there's nothing more to do at home. Although, our internet is down at the moment, but I still tend to keep busy playing some stored and downloaded games in the computer. With that, I started to feel something uncomfortable with my eyes. I noticed that I usually get head ache during night time, and I assume that it's because of facing the computer all the time that triggers to eye muscle fatigue. I recently talked to my mom about it and she suggested to get reading eye glasses for eyes protection. I was hesitant to that since I have never tried wearing eye glasses before even just for the fact that it's only for a time when I have to face the computer again. But knowing that it would help me and for my clear vision not to suffer, I'm now considering to get one though. While surfing the net, I found this stylish eye glasses that would surely make me convince to get one and finally get my eyes protected. I am definitely taking a step to completely maintain my 20/20 vision. You could also check here if you want to get your own.

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