Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I wish I have more time.

I was speaking with a friend when finally I realized I haven't done shopping for Christmas because of work. My weekend will be roughly busy with other things to do, so it's clear enough that I would probably be on the rash a few days left before Christmas. How I wish I could just pull back time, so I could have been much better in time management. Oh well, we cannot turn back time. And speaking of time, I'm really running out of time to buy an exchange gift for our Christmas party this Monday.
The budget as required is now lower than 500 pesos. A Christmas wish list was created for us not to get so much hassle which is totally good since it would help us save time and effort in picking a gift.

Well, I might skip my lunch tomorrow to buy the gift...

till then,


  1. halu dear..visiting today! have a blessed day!

  2. I am also running out of time cza. I haven't buy something for my hubby. I am really very busy at work. I wish also that I can turn back time but I can't. This is also a lesson for me and to all the people who procrastinate. Have an advance merry christmas cza. take care.